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Raise Production Inc. - Artificial Lift Technologies

Raise Production Inc. (RAISE) was formed in late 2011 with the express purpose to develop well pumping systems designed specificially for highly deviated and horizontal wellbores. Most of today's commonly used pumping systems were originally designed for vertical wellbores and these systems have significant mechanical issues and reduced efficiency when landed at angles greater than 45 degrees.  RAISE is focused on developing pumping systems that are effective at up to 90 degrees in order to maximize drawdown, pump efficiency and pump life.  RAISE is also in the late stages of a development of a pumping system that includes multiple pumps run within the lateral section of the wellbore in order to equalize and maximize drawdown throughout the entire length of the lateral.

RAISE has developed a High Angle Reciprocating Pump (HARP) that can be landed at any angle up to 90 degrees and can be landed at relatively high dog legs, providing operators the ability to maximize the drawdown on horizontal and highly deviated wellbores and to efficiently handle high gas/oil ratios at any angle. This product is currently available in Canada and the USA.

RAISE has also developed a REAL (REAL) downhole separator designed also to work at 90 degrees. This separator is designed to maximize the separation of the gas and liquid phases at high angles to increase pump efficiency. This product is currently available in Canada and the USA.

RAISE has developed and pilot tested a HART (HART) multiple pump system designed to be run within 4.5" and 5.5" cased hole laterals in order to guarantee equal and maximized drawdown from the heal to the toe of the lateral. This product is in the late stages of commercialization and is scheduled to be available in the second half of 2020.

RAISE is a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSXV)

Vision & Mission


To be the premier supplier of Artificial Lift Solutions, designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of the horizontal wells.


Through the strength of our people, engineered processes and innovations, RAISE PRODUCTION INC. specializes in maximizing the value of your existing oil and gas assets.